DESCARTES will help reach learners of all types and aptitudes and its collaborative design projects, design customization, mission simulations, and hands on prototyping (with templates, 3-D printers and more), will help make math and science your students favorite classes. Reinforce NGSS and CCSS standards while your students engineer boats, subs, airships, rockets and other projects. Our support makes DESCARTES a great way to seamlessly add engineering and STEM into your elementary classrooms.

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Intended for middle schoolers, EDISON represents a more sophisticated tool for creating unique designs and analyzing them through simulation data and plots. Middle School is both an impactful and challenging time for engaging students in STEM education. EDISON not only reinforces skills and concepts but does so in a way that will keep your middle school students focused, excited, and engaged. Game-based projects for cars, power generation, circuits, bridges, and more are endlessly customizable, standards aligned, and support export for real-world construction and testing. Supports most typical 1-1 devices (iOS, Chromebooks, PC, Mac) and embedded tracking and assessment make it easy to keep track of student learning.

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DAVinCI is an aerospace engineering tool intended for middle, high school, and post secondary learners. Dive into synthesizing problems, equations, and making data driven decisions. Uses solve real and multi-faceted engineering problems in teams. Support for laser cutting and 3-D printing allow hobby scale RC planes and UAVs to be constructed, and tested in the real-world. DAVinCI will take students’ interest, skills, and proficiency in STEM to the next level.



If you’re looking for a quality STEM Solution, an engineering challenge, or informal project based learning experiences. Our team is ready to work with you to customize a solution for your needs. We can assist with designing custom experience, supporting guides, curricula, construction kits, and in customizing our embedded assessment tools for collecting program evaluation data. Our services support a variety of scales and deployment models from standalone deployments for a few dozen users to cloud-based implementations to serve hundreds of thousands.