An Engineering Game For Teaching STEM

At Parametric Studio our mission is to help educate the future innovators of America through engaging, inspiring, and educational software. Our guiding principle is to facilitate better STEM education through engineering. Created through SBIR grant funding by NSF and the US Department of Education, our three products for elementary, middle, and secondary schools offer fun and interactive designs that blend STEM, Gaming, Real Engineering Design Tools, and 3-D printing.



Grades 3-6 can apply STEM concepts to engineering design projects with DESCARTES. It features: instructional support tools, many ready to use projects and curricula, and student design and collaboration evaluation tools, and tools for building & testing designs (In the real world).   Early pilot testing measured statistically significant increases in STEM content knowledge (> 1 letter grade) and demonstrably greater mastery of engineering standards.

Gilbert Intermediate School fourth-graders had great success using DESCARTES!   For more information:

I liked the hands on and computer component of it. The kids have been really understanding of the engineering process. I’d recommend it to anyone.
— Kathy Hammer, 4th Grade Math/Science Gilbert Intermediate School


Grades 6-9 can take the next step STEM and engineering with EDISON. It has fun game challenges, team collaboration, in game challenges, and hands on activities. It facilities instructor creation of class projects, differentiated instruction, and has tools for evaluation. It also offers tried and tested turn key project based solutions addressing a plethora of Math and Science standards.


Grades 9-12+ can dive deeper into STEM and model based engineering with DAVinCI. Set in a futuristic lab the player tackles a number of missions that require the design and flight of different aircraft. DAVinCI is designed for use by gamers, parents, students, hobbyists, and educators at home, in camps, or in the classroom.

These products are designed to be used for all students.  They teach soft skills like teamwork, communication, and collaboration.  They are easy to implement, and they engage different types of student learners, and allow differentiated instruction.  They are support evaluation of student's understanding of concepts and mastery of skills. 

If you'd like to learn more about these products look further into our website under our Products & Services page. 

Christopher Whitmer